Upper School Academy

The experience for our students is a Pre-K through Grade 5 journey. Once students enter third grade they are primed and ready, using their preserved natural curiosity and collaborative skills to deepen their learning. Students are now reading to learn, writing to communicate, and speaking and listening to share perspectives and widen their scope of understanding. The 4C’s: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity are the habits we aim to instill in each of our students. Guided by the learning standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies, we ensure that all students are on track for college, career and a rewarding and contributory life.

Gaining real- world experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is part of the learning journey in the Upper School Academy. Over the course of three years, students are immersed in full semesters of project-based learning in the following areas:

  • Design and Communication through Technology
  • A Greener World and a Greener Body
  • Making Life Better for our Community

Field work, research, and entry into the professional world of Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Designers, and Entrepreneurs provide students with conceivable and viable pathways as they enter middle school, high school, college and careers.