Student Government Elections

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 11.05.42 AMOn October 22nd, P.S. 307 held its first official debates for student government representatives. In past years, candidates have delivered speeches before the election, but this year student government advisors Mr. Abbott and Mr. Crosland moderated a robust debate, with each candidate fielding multiple questions.

The candidates for President were:

  • Angelina B.
  • Brandon S.
  • Jeyden A.
  • Neveyah V.
  • Nia M.

And for Vice President:

  • Staicy M.
  • Elijah Q.
  • Teon Q.
  • Neveyah V.

Answering the question, “If selected to be president, what is one issue you feel needs to be addressed that is a concern of your fellow classmates?” candidate Angelina B. said she would address bullying while candidate Brandon S. talked about buying better supplies. Candidate Neveyah V. said she would advocate for better computers.

In further questioning, candidates talked about creating spaces where students can write and talk about their feelings; arranging for more backup teachers because substitutes sometimes don’t know what to do; creating signs that say Public School instead of PS; bringing more sports to school, and increasing recess time a “teeny bit.”

Candidates for Vice President also participated in the debate. Answering questions about what they would focus on of elected, candidate Staicy M. said she would help the president in making sure students followed what he/she planned, and candidate Teon Q. said he would fill in work that needs to be done when the President is not there.

Following the debate, students cast their ballots. The newly elected student government officers are:
  • President: Neveyah V.
  • Vice President: Elijah Q.
  • Secretary: Jerlai T.
  • Treasurer: Keyara D.G.
  • 3rd Grade Reps: Samira M. and Teon B.
  • 4th Grade Reps:  Samirah C.W. and Miracle W.
  • 5th Grade Reps:  Angelina B. and Brandon S.
Congratulations to all candidates!

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