Student Government Amplifying Youth Voices to Support Their School

After the Student Government elections in P.S. 307 during the fall semester, elected students were officially sworn into office in January at a special assembly planned by the Student Government with the support of Mr. Crosland and Mr. Abbott. The election was a great opportunity for students to hone their leadership and communication skills. Mr. Abbott said that “the presidential race in particular was a real race to the finish line, with candidates winning over their classmates with strong speeches and clear visions they had for the future of P.S. 307.”
An energetic and engaged group, the elected student representatives meet in Mr. Abbott's office every Friday during lunch. Students are excited to take lead themselves and try to implement important changes for their school. So far they have considered and implemented several projects already. One project that is high on their list of priorities is “TTO,” which stands for Talk Things Out. The student representatives are certain that when it comes to resolving conflicts, in addition to staff talking to the students, students should talk to each other in a comfortable setting without adult supervision. This would enable students to work out conflicts amongst each other and to advocate for their peers.
Another project that the Student Government has been working on is running their own newsletter led by Mrs. Jackson. Additionally, they are considering a trip to Washington DC where they will learn more about
American politics and government. Clearly, this new P.S. 307 Student Government is off to a great start in
2019! Congrats to them and their classmates they are representing! To see current student representatives and their positions, click here:

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