STEM Stories Surveys for Teachers and 3rd and 4th grade Parents

This week, teachers and all parents of 3 rd and 4 th grade students will receive a short electronic survey with questions about their experiences with science, math and technology. This is NOT a test; there are no right or wrong answers to the survey questions. The point it to understand how the STEM Stories Project that P.S. 307 is working on with Teachers College, Columbia University researchers can best help students, parents and teachers connect their day-to-day lives with the STEM curriculum at
school. The 3 rd and 4th grade students will take a similar survey in their science classes. This is an exciting and fun project, exclusive to P.S. 307 families and educators along with those one other elementary school in Manhattan. Watch out for the survey – coming your way via email! We
will also have paper copies available for those who prefer them. Thank you for participating and helping P.S. 307 become an even better STEM School!


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