The Service Learning Project at PS 307

Thursday, April 19, Ms. Narine had the privilege of taking Kimora St. John,
Grade 4 and Olivia Williams, Grade 5 to the annual Service Learning Project (SLP) Benefit Event. The benefit celebrated and highlighted the impact of the work SLP has done in schools such as ours.

Kimora shared how she and her classmates at P.S. 307 created a PSA and wrote letters imploring smokers to quit smoking. Olivia shared the impact of her and her classmates work around wasting less food. Students are now involved in a composting project to create rich soil for our garden beds and another group have begun a recycling heroes campaign, educating students on how to recycle, and/or dispose of their food scraps, plastics, and trash.

Watch our Anti-Smoking campaign here.


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