P.S. 307 is now officially a WeatherBug school

PS 307 now has its very own weather station on the roof of the school to collect and track weather data for the school community and the entire neighborhood.

You can access this weather information from a smart phone, iPad, or computer by downloading the WeatherBug App.

  1. Go to your App Store, search for WeatherBug
  2. Download the App, accept the terms
  3. On the bottom middle, click “manage locations” type in the zip code 11201, click “Vinegar Hill, NY”, click PS 307 The Magnet School for STEM Studies” then click “save”.

There is an online component called Weatherbug Achieve. Students can access WeatherBug Achieve by going to achieve.weatherbug.com. It gives PS 307 students access at home to wonderful activities, games, weather data and more.


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