PS 307 Autism Awareness Walk

On Friday April 12th we held our 3rd annual Autism Awareness Walk.  This was a day for our kids that are on the spectrum to feel empowered, respected and unafraid.  Autism is extraordinarily misunderstood.  These kids are constantly, confusingly told they are doing something wrong when their natures are nothing but pure and good.  They’re told to be quiet when they have so much to offer and when they’re quiet they’re accused of not wanting to be part of the group.  Autism is so hard to understand because it’s a difficulty that cannot be easily seen.  That is why Autism Awareness is so important!

We are proud to report that the team raised nearly 5K to support the program’s activities.   The group walked through the streets chanting how “We all fit together!” It is an important message that our neighbors heard loud and clear. We are excited to continue to illuminate these issues for our community.

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