BLDG 92 – Brooklyn Navy Yard

BLDG 92 provides us access to exhibits, tours, educational programs, and archival resources while helping us to understand and celebrate the Navy Yard’s (our neighborhood’s) past, present and future.

Brooklyn Ballet

Brooklyn Ballet provides P.S. 307 with world-class faculty who teaches high-quality dance techniques through a positive and nurturing experience.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Education Program provides inquiry-based, experiential learning opportunities that investigate park history and ecology. Students of all grades utilize Brooklyn Bridge Park as a living laboratory for hands-on investigation of the habitats found within and around the Park.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Annex, DUMBO – “Spark”

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten classes at PS 307 are learning all about building communities through block play. P.S. 307 has formed a partnership with The Brooklyn Children’s Museum in which children will investigate what makes a community and explore the roles of people who plan, design and build the structures within a community. After completing the lab lessons in their classrooms, classes will visit SPARK, Brooklyn Children’s Museum new annex in Dumbo. Upon their visit to SPARK, students will get to build the structures that they have designed and planned.

BCM Spark









CookShop Classroom

CookShop Classroom is offered as a partnership with the NYC Food Bank. CookShop Classroom uses hands-on exploration, cooking and physical activities to foster children’s enjoyment and consumption of healthy food, and their appreciation for good nutrition and living an active lifestyle. Students participating in CookShop Classroom learn where food comes from and how it grows, what goes into a nutritious diet and active lifestyle, and how to transform whole foods such as carrots, wheat, apples and lettuce into simple, tasty, affordable meals and snacks.



CUNY– the City University of New York – provides three tiers of support: Parent workshops in the fields of engineering, engineering in-class lessons and after-school clinics on bridge building and city planning.


DUMBO Business Improvement District

The DUMBO BID has worked closely with the students and staff of PS 307 since 2006. The relationship started out as an opportunity to take students to baseball games as part of PS 307’s Book-a-Thon. That partnership grew in 2012 when the DUMBO BID worked with DUMBO startup Flocabulary to start Big Idea Week–a week-long mentorship program built to encourage students to use and apply their STEM skills to come up with ideas that solve problems they may encounter in their lives, while connecting with local entrepreneurs in their community.

Big Idea Week 5

Element of Play & Toy Library

Element of Play® in the Family Resource Center at PS 307 creates a space where children can become active agents in their own environments and engage safely in their intrinsic desire to play. The Element of Play Toy Library includes 120 toys and corresponding toy cards emphasizing listening and language skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. The program provides students, teachers and families with the ability to make deeper connections in order to promote healthy social-emotional development and auditory development needed for successful learning and literacy acquisition.










The LAMP introduces media literacy competencies and practices, which can be integrated into the core curriculum.  Participants are engaged in comprehending, creating, constructing, critiquing, and challenging media while using media technologies (cameras, microphones, and editing software).

NYU America Reads & Counts

New York University America Reads & Counts provides our classrooms with America Reads college students whose responsibility is to support instruction in the classrooms.


OmniLearn is a hands-on science-based partnership that empowers teachers through professional development workshops and in-class lab services.


School Wellness Council

The School Wellness Council (SWC) helps to create an environment in which schools can holistically and systematically prioritize physical education and health education as cornerstones of school wellness, while also creating more opportunities for physical activity, nutrition, and health related improvements across the entire school’s community.  Our SWC is an advisory group concerned with the health and wellbeing of the entire school community: students, staff, parents/families. On the SWC there is representation from across the school community, including students, teachers, school nurses, administrators, school food staff, custodians, mental health providers, and community based organizations. The SWC serves as a great way for parents/guardians and parent associations to participate in implementing City and school wellness policies by either serving on the SWC or volunteering with its programs and subcommittees (e.g., gardening, wellness event planning).  P.S.307’s very own garden is in the works! Keep your eyes on the schoolyard at the corner of York and Navy to see our progress!