As an organization that strives to actively represent and support the school community, the PTA has been working diligently to support the social and emotional development of students, parents, and staff at P.S. 307. In case you didn’t know “PTA” stands for the Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA members are made up of the teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and guardians of PS 307. Caregivers, grandparents, and babysitters are also able to attend meetings/workshops and volunteer in the school community.

The PTA’s president, Rashida Lawrence Dyer, in describing the heart of its work, states that “Our school is special, our teachers, paraprofessionals, kitchen staff, safety teams, and even maintenance know our children and care. We recognize this from the moment our children walk through the door and the waves of recognition or smiles. We want to reach out to more families to experience this beloved community of ours and remain a citizen where each member’s diversity is respected and grows.”

In the fall, the PTA and its members accomplished two major tasks. First, they successfully partnered with the DUMBO BID for the DUMBO Drop fundraising party. Secondly, they helped the school find a replacement for the school nurse, who recently resigned. Because children’s health affects their learning outcomes, the PTA pushed the NYU Langone’s administrator to understand the necessity of having a fully operational clinic. After sending multiple emails and calls, the school finally gained a new nurse in the middle of November. Rashida feels extremely grateful for the involvement of members of the Board. She said: “We could not engage, push and promote without their assistance, support and objective ear of the PTA efforts… they do it to make this world- this community a better place and am happy to be a part of it.”

With collaborations with the Parent Coordinator, Willie Crosland, and Principal Carroll the PTA Board is more confident in sharing the PS 307 experience beyond its halls to the outer community and elected officials. Rashida reflects, “It is essential for our beloved school community to have a receptive ear and energetic dialogue with the school administration like Principal Carroll prompts us ‘how does this help all our children?’ to retain focus. This how we (PTA) continue to grow with the needs of families and address the educational needs of our children holistically.”

The PTA has started 2019 with even bigger plans! Katharina Goetz, the PTA Vice-President, says, “We want to bring families closer together, improve communication with parents, and set up the PTA as a non-profit” (the PTA for its non-profit tax exempt status). This status would help in partnering with bigger businesses and stakeholders, as well as gaining more venues to fundraise. Additionally, the PTA has recently raised $3,000 from real estate brokers and companies in DUMBO to support field trips, PTA events and other projects during the second half of the school year.

Mark your calendars for the free PTA Lego block building party in the school’s gym on Friday 3/22 from 5.30 to 8 pm for all students and their families. The PTA will be selling items at the event and families are welcome to make a donation to the PTA.
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The PTA welcomes new members from the community to be more involved! The next PTA meeting will take place on Thursday 3/7 at 5:15 p.m.in the auditorium. To share ideas, thoughts or concerns, please send an email to pta@ps307.org or stop by their office on the first floor of the school in room 102.
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