P.S. 307 Beloved Community Assembly 2019: A Moment of Healing

On the morning February 7, 2019, the crowd in the auditorium was profoundly moved by P.S. 307’s Beloved Community Assembly in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his vision of community of support and love. As part of Black History Month, the school celebrated its African-American legacy through music and dance performances by students. Coordinated by teachers and staff, the event consisted of different grade levels performing different genres of African American song and dance.
Mr. Abbott opened up the show with a Spiritual/Anthem Introduction. Afterward, the school’s choir continued the spiritual mood as they sang “Life Every Voice”, “Deep River” and “Yonder Come Day.” Afterward, First Grade students adorably sung Bob Marley’s ‘Little Three Birds.” Next, Ms. Williams and her 4th grade students introduced Jazz, performing “When the Saints Go Marching In”, “One Note Samba”, and “It Don’t Mean a Thing.” Following that, Mr. Russo and Mr. Bruno introduced Blues and the 2nd Graders performed “Everyone Be Yo’Self.”
The genre switched again when Mrs. Hill welcomed to the crowd to Gospel Music and the Kindergarteners sang “Oh Happy Day. “Afterward, dance performances took over the stage. The school’s cheerleading team, The Diamonds, choreographed by Mrs. Tracy, performed a beautiful Gospel mix. The crowd remained captivated as the 3rd Graders performed an emotional dance to “You’re Bigger.” The performance was a fusion of movements and words. The students who were not dancing on stage walked around the auditorium carrying poster signs of various negative connotations to remind the audience that they are “bigger” than the unfortunate circumstances that often fall upon them. Next, the tempo changed with a Hip-Hop introduction by Ms. Figueroa. The 5th graders, a duo of two boys, demonstrated their artistry in their “Rapper’s Delight” rap. Afterward, Kimora St. Johnson introduced the audience to African music, mesmerizing the crowd with their beautiful movement. The performance ended with an uplifting speech by Mr. Crosland, the event MC, who thanked the P.S. 307 students for reminding us to be resilient and positive to ourselves and to each other. The entire community sang “Lean On Me” with Mr. Crosland to end the event as one Beloved Community. As parent sentiment captured the spirit of the show “… the audience was captivated by the varied talent of children and waves of emotions stirred in us. We were inspired and left hopeful of the future with our dynamic children leaders showing us the way.
The entire event was spectacular, reminding us of the powerful contribution of African-Americans to the American culture and political landscape. It also reminded us of the strength and vitality of P.S. 307’s community. For students’ perspectives, stay tuned for our next newsletter, which will feature students’ personal blogs on their participation in this Black History Month Celebration.

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