Our Mission

The mission of P.S. 307 is to prepare students to meet all elementary school academic standards for proficiency and to foster the development of strong character. We believe a nurturing, well structured and rigorous education in the core curriculum and the arts provides children with an understanding of the world and how it works, and mastery of those math, literacy and higher order thinking skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world.  We believe that a well rounded education in the language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts and service learning will enable our students to grow both intellectually and socially.  We envision all of our students achieving academic and personal excellence.


We believe children learn best in a classroom environment where they learn to respect each other as unique individuals and develop responsibility for making right choices.  Resiliency is an important life skill and we encourage students to persist in reaching their goals in spite of adversity.  We believe that the capacity to make reasoned, informed decisions is critical to success in life.  All members of our school community strive to adhere to these guiding principles with the understanding that they will help us achieve our mission for the students attending P.S. 307.

Learning is the discovery that something is possible. – Fritz Perls 

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