October message from the principal

October 2017

Dear P.S. 307 Families:

September has come and gone and wow! What an eventful month.  I was extremely moved by the Dumbo Drop event that the Dumbo BID organized.  It was a true reflection of how important our school is to the larger community.   There are so many that believe that we matter; so much so that an event such as Dumbo Drop draws in hundreds of supporters.  If that is not validation, I do not know what is.

It was great to see so many of our school community and families there representing P.S. 307.  Thank you for coming out.  I look forward to many more opportunities to come together in the spirit of collaboration and fun.

Community Building

This month, teachers spent a great deal of energy building a strong classroom culture.  Students are encouraged to strive for STAR status.  S- self-control, T – try hard, A- achievement, R – respect.  Classes take time during morning meetings to clear, to share, to address important themes promoting good character and teamwork.  Our first school community meeting was last Friday and it was fantastic to see the children and staff celebrating each other.  The theme of our next community meeting is Respecting Ourselves and Others.

Benchmark Assessments

This month was also a focus on assessment for learning.  Benchmark assessments were administered in Reading, Writing and Math.  We are using these assessments to plan extensively for all students.  We have clear goals and action steps for meeting our desired outcomes for students.  If you are interested in hearing more about the school-wide goals, please attend our next SLT meeting, where will be discussing the Comprehensive Educational Plan for P.S. 307.  All schools create an annual plan to address all elements of the Framework for Great Schools: Trust, Effective school Leadership, Strong Family –Community Ties, Rigorous Instruction, Collaborative Teachers, and Supportive Environment.  At the center of this framework is of course, Student Achievement.

On October 12th, you will be receiving a progress report for your child.  Please use the report as an opportunity to have discussions with your child, and teacher should you have any questions.  These reports are designed to help you and your child address any gaps and set goals for the remainder of the marking period.  Report cards will be distributed on November 16th.


We are constantly trying to revise and improve upon communication with families.  Based on some of your feedback and suggestions, we are making a few changes and adding a few protocols that we hope will make information more accessible and timely for families.

  • Last year, all grades submitted a weekly newsletter that was posted on the website. While this was a great practice, we came to realize that units were not changing on a weekly basis, which made the updates a little repetitive.  For this reason, we have decided that there will be monthly updates at the beginning of every month.  Please expect to see an update from your child’s grade team by the end of the week posted on the school’s website.
  • You may recall that during my opening of Curriculum Night, I informed families that we will be asking for each class to select or volunteer as a class parent. The role of the Class Parent is explained in the family handbook.  We now need to move forward with identifying a class parent for every class.
  • Class parents will be responsible for helping teachers collect all email addresses of other families. Each teacher will then have a class google group, wherein they will communicate with the class families on a regularly basis. This will help me too, as I can use these groups to get timely emails out to the entire school, grade, or class as needed.   Teachers will go through a tutorial next week and I hope to have this off the ground and running by the following week.

I think that these approaches will make a difference.  I look forward to hearing positive feedback from families and teachers as a result of these moves.


Our library is officially off limits and construction is beginning.  We are getting a brand new and bigger library that will be designed according to our STEM theme.  The room next door to the current library will be merged with the current library room, making it spacious enough to have several groups at once in the library.  New furniture, new everything.  We are very excited as this is a project that has been planned for a while.  Thanks to Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, it is now becoming a reality.  I am told that the project should be complete in January and I am looking forward to a ribbon cutting ceremony soon after.

Please check the calendar on the school’s website for upcoming events, meetings and school closures.

I wish you all a wonderful month of October and, as always, thank you for choosing P.S. 307 and for your continued support.


Stephanie Carroll, Principal


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