Message from Principal Carroll: Operoo, Health Screening, Attendance and more

Dear 307 Families:

Today we greeted our Pre-K students and families. One thing was certain, the children were ready. Each child came wearing their unique mask. Most made themselves at home in their classroom, playing immediately with Legos, tiles….as the parents chatted with our PreK team.

Next week, Tuesday, September 29th, we welcome our in-person Kindergarten through Grade 5 students. All students, however, began remote learning today. 

Important information for a smoother start:


Operoo is the digital platform we are using to facilitate completion of forms and communication. If you received an email from Operoo (check Spam) you should login with the username and password provided. You will then reset your password. If you have not received an email from Operoo, please email and provide your name, your child’s name and email address. We will make sure that you are entered in the system. This is so important.


The following link (CALENDAR) will bring you to the school’s calendar (September – November). The calendar specifies which week is an A or B week. Based on this, you will know what week your Cohort is assigned to attend which Monday. We want to avoid, as much as possible, having to contact families who have sent their child to school in error – as you will have to pick your child up if they come on the wrong Monday or day. 

Health Screening

All families must ensure that their child performs a health screening before coming to school. The following link (Health Screening). It is recommended that you complete it every morning prior to entering the building. Hard copies of this form will be available, however, we ask that you become accustomed to completing the digital submission prior to coming to school. As part of your health screening you will be asked to take your child’s temperature each morning. Please do not send your child to school if they exhibit any of the following symptoms:·       Fever of 100 F or higher·       Cough, fatigue, shortness of breath
Please click here for more information on Student Entry Protocols.


Every absence counts. Excused absences are still absences.

We will excuse absences when a student misses school for religious, medical or emergency reasons, but the excused absences is a legal part of the student’s record. Excused absences may not count against a student for school awards or participation in school activities. Please plan vacations, trips, and appointments when school is not in session.

Attendance for students in remote learning:

  1. Students will be marked present based on one of the following actions:
  2. They participate in morning check in with their class
  3. They attend any one of the live virtual class meetings scheduled for that day
  4. They have logged into their Google Classroom
  5. They have submitted an assignment on that day

By now, you should have received, from the teacher, your child’s daily schedule. It will be critically important to develop routines and structure so that your child can participate fully and receive all the benefits of the remote instructional program. 

Attendance for In-person blended learning

Students are expected to be in school at the start of the session, 8:30 a.m. Students will be marked late if they arrive any time after 8:35 a.m. Mornings begin with a morning meeting, an important time for social emotional skill development and preparation. Please make every effort to be on time. 

Arrival and Dismissal for in-person blended learning

There are signs outside the building indicating where students enter. Please use the signs to help guide you. In order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines and prevent gatherings, students will use the floor markers to line up in single file before entering the building.

Pre K

Students will meet their teachers in the small playground on the corner of Hudson and York. At 8:00 a.m. teachers will escort students through Exit 8, after ensuring that families have completed a health screening. Students will be dismissed through Exit 8, beginning at 1:45 p.m., and brought to the small playground for pick up. Please note, teachers will be asking you to sign your child out. 

Kindergarten, First, Second Grade

Students will enter through Exit 3 (door closest to York Street and large yard entrance) and go straight to their classrooms. Escorts will assist with transitioning students to their classrooms. Dismissal begins at 1:45 p.m. through Exit 3.

Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade

Students will enter through Exit 4/5 (large yard entrance). Students will go straight to their classrooms. Escorts will assist with transitioning students to their classrooms. Dismissal begins at 1:50 p.m. through Exit 4 and 5. 


Please check the website to learn more about the YMCA afterschool program as well as Bitty City Players afterschool program for PreK and K. Applications for the YMCA are posted on the website. For questions about Bitty City players, you may contact

Next week you will receive a digital Family Handbook. It will also be posted on the website. Thank you for your enormous patience during this time. I know this period has been stressful and somewhat confusing. We are in this together and we are here to support you. Feel free to send me feedback or suggestions. I welcome anything that helps us improve.


Principal Carroll


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