Glows, Grows, & Knows – Week of October 26

November’s C focus: Communication
Expressing thoughts clearly, crisply articulating opinions, communicating coherent instructions, motivating others through powerful speech – these skills have always been valued in the workplace and in public life. But in the 21st century, these skills have been transformed and are even more important today. (NEA, Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society)

I hope that everyone had a great week. We are embracing things that we may have taken for granted, pre-pandemic. This week our spirits were lifted, as we celebrated Comic-Con/Character Days and got ready for a healthy Halloween. Virtually and inperson, we found time to celebrate, laugh, and have fun. Here’s to consciously enjoying the important things that keep us connected!

Principal Carroll

The next time you use any navigational device or software like Google Maps, thanks to Dr. Gladys West, the inventor of GPS Technology – The Female Lead

Some Glows

Virtual PTA Elections

We welcome our 2020-2021 PTA Executive Board! Virtual elections were held on October 27th.

Congratulations to:

  • Co-Presidents: Vibhuti Arya (parent of 1st grader, Asele), Michelle Gilmore Greenberg, (parent of 3rd grader, Jace)
  • Vice President: Jen Pariseau (parent of 2nd grader, Oliver)
  • Recording Secretary: Jenny Reckrey (parent of K grader, Damian)
  • Financial Secretary: Marvin Williams (parent of 5th grader, Miracle)
  • Treasurer: Ryan Porter (parent of 3rd grader, Fiona and 1st grader, Mason)
  • School Historian: Kadesha Bremby (parent of 5th grader, Neveah).

Thank you for taking on such important roles.

Comic Con/Character days were so much fun! Staff and students shared tons of school spirit, creativity and giggles – virtually and in-person. Visit our P.S.307 Instagram to check out pictures.

Virtual Visit by Author: Students in the lower grades had a virtual visit with author, Christopher Silas Neal. He read several of his books, talked about the writing and illustrative process, and introduced his family – including his Italian cat – yes, the cat is Italian. Can you say, “Ciaowww”?

Every experience is a learning one. We are approaching the end of our first quarter and not taking for granted the time needed to get to know our students and families well. We are reflecting on what went well, not so well, and things we can improve as we enter into the next phase of the school year.

SEL works. Our emphasis on social emotional and trauma informed learning is showing impact. Overall, students are responding well to being back in school (blended and remote), getting into routines, and socializing/interacting with their peers and teachers.

Did someone say one extra hour? At a time when it seems like there are not enough hours in the day, we get one extra hour this weekend. Talk about not taking things for granted.

Some Grows

Authentic assessments and fostering independence
Instructional staff is working hard to get to know every student very well. In addition to formal assessments, teachers are maximizing the use of instructional time to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses, in order to effectively differentiate teaching for every child. Any interaction between students and teachers is an opportunity for teachers to get “inside” a student’s thinking, and to assess their understanding of skills and content.

It is so important that parents and caregivers allow children to engage without prompting or support during these times, which is pretty much all the time. While, we are wired to want to get it right, prompting or leading your child to “the right answer or response” is actually not helpful.

I encourage you to watch your child become increasingly independent over the course of the school year, as they also become confident in knowing that true learning takes place when we learn from getting it wrong, just as much as from getting it right. As a parent, I too have to consciously remind myself that this is important for life-long learning.

Getting supplies and school materials to all students
There are still families who have not made it to the building to pick up school supplies or math workbooks. Please let us know how we can assist in this. We want all of our students to have what they need to be successful. If you do not have a need for school supplies, let us know so that we can get the supplies in the hands of those who need it the most.

Constant Contact and Operoo
We are trying to find a balance between too many and too few email notifications. If you are not receiving emails from the school, please let your teacher, Ms. Tracy, or Assistant Principal Parker know.

  • Please, please, please make sure that you are registered with Operoo. More importantly, that you have completed and submitted the forms. These forms are the same hard copy forms that you would be expected to complete prior to blended and remote learning. We really do need these forms submitted. We are happy to help you register, complete and submit your forms. Please let us know.

We know that there are continued frustrations for families with receiving devices, operating devices, and navigating devices. I am pleased to share that organized parent-community efforts have begun to support the school community in this area, and we will continue to prioritize addressing the gaps in access and support for students, families and staff. Stay tuned for more on this next week.

Some Knows

Final Window for Opting into Blended Learning
The only planned blending learning opt-in window for families for the remainder of this school year is from November 2nd through 15th. During this time, you will have access to the Learning Preference Survey, which is the same survey as the August survey.

After November 15th, you will continue to have the option to switch from blended to remote only. You can also call 311 to complete the survey over the phone if you prefer. We encourage ALL families, regardless of current learning status, to complete the survey.

Current Percentage of Students in Blended and Remote Learning

Blended (inperson)
Cohort A, B, C
Remote Only
Cohort D
Grades PreK-224%29%
Grades 3-518%28%

Class Parents and first Class Parent Induction Meeting

Our goal is to ensure that every Learning Element/Class has a CLASS Parent/Caregiver.

  1. A class parent works closely with the teacher to learn about classroom-related events and communication. An example is when more supplies are needed, an upcoming holiday celebration is being planned, PTA communication and reminders for families when needed by the teacher.
  2. As a class parent, you are the middle-man or liaison between school and families. The role is to assist the teacher at their discretion.

Please reach out to Jessica Driscoll (, Jenny Reckrey ( or Assistant Principal Parker ( if you are interested in volunteering and/or if you have any questions. Our first Class Parent meeting will be held virtually on November 10th at 5:30 p.m.

Title 1 and Family Income Inquiry Forms

P.S.307 is a Title 1 school. Being a Title 1 school means that we receive federal funding that helps us ensure that we are supporting all our children in having access to an equitable and high quality education.
Title eligibility is determined based on the % of families qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Keep in mind that all students, regardless of family income, have access to free school meals. Also, please note that we are a Magnet school, which allows us to enroll students from across the city.
You do not have to live in the school neighborhood to complete the form.
Our goal is a 100% completion of Family Income Inquiry Forms. You can help us reach our goal by clicking the form link below.

Family Inquiry Form

What to look out for next week:

  • Teachers will be scheduling virtual Parent/Family conferences, which are scheduled for Thursday, November 5th from 12:30 to 2:20 p.m. and 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s transition back to school, successes, and initial goals. Look for a message from your child’s teacher.
  • Teachers will be sharing a link to our own survey for families next week. We will use it to inform our planning for the next phase of programming and support. Please look for the communication mid-week.

COHORT B comes back to school on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH

Election Day, November 3rd, is a fully remote instructional day for all cohorts of students. We will not be in the school building.



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