Early Childhood Academy

The philosophy of the P.S. 307 Early Childhood Academy is designed to develop the whole child ethically, cognitively, emotionally, expressively, receptively, socially and physically. The individual needs of every learner are nurtured in an atmosphere of acceptance that enables each learner to grow and thrive under the guidance of highly qualified educators. We believe in a developmental approach to early childhood education that highlights each child’s stage of readiness. We encourage exploration and learning through play to enhance their natural curiosity.


In the Early Childhood Academy, the emphasis is on:

  • Nurturing children’s innate curiosity so that they value inquiry as a lifelong tool for learning
  • Learning how to be a social being so that they can use the power of collaboration to problem solve and get results
  • Literacy acquisition including learning how to read, write, speak, and listen so that they can use these tools of communication to learn more about the world and affect change
  • Talking about numbers and building a conceptual understanding of how numbers work
  • Exposure to and accurate use of academic vocabulary