December Community Meeting: Generosity

Every month, all the P.S. 307 students and educators gather together in the gymnasium to celebrate the school’s tradition of being a strong and supportive community. Building on P.S. 307’s research-backed strength in social and emotional learning as a key component of improving academic achievement, each monthly Community Meeting has a caring theme.

At the December Community Meeting, on the day before the holiday break, the theme was “generosity,” and the students showed just how generous they can be! They filled the gymnasium walls with artwork and words of kindness, with many writing about what they can give to others. Their answers included “love,” “kindness,” “smiles,” “friendship” and “hugs.” They shared their ideas on what generosity means and why it is important. They also watched a short film based on the book by Shell Silverstein, The Giving Tree.

The 5th grade student leaders, known as the P.S. 307 STARS were on hand to help their younger classmates, showing their own form of generosity and care for others. One 5th grade student remarked that talking about generosity makes him optimistic – “like the glass is half full.”

P.S. 307 students enjoyed their time together at the Community Meeting – first the Kindergarten through 2nd graders and then the 3rd -5th graders. They got to decorate their teachers for the holidays, which was a lot of fun to see teachers with bows on their heads.

Mr. Russo, P.S. 307’s counselor and the organizer of these meetings, noted how important community events like these are to elementary students. It gives them a sense of belong and how important it is to support each other in their learning and growth.



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