Attend to Ascend!

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 9.29.45 AMThis year, P.S. 307 has a brand new attendance program to help address chronic absenteeism, defined as missing ten or more school days a year. Students who miss that much school suffer across the board. They have lower levels of school readiness when they reach kindergarten. They are less likely to read at grade level by the third grade. They show lower levels of social engagement, and they are less likely to graduate from high school or attend college. P.S. 307’s status as a school in good standing can also be affected as a result of absenteeism. That’s where Attend to Ascend comes in!

On September 18th, the school kicked off the new program with an assembly honoring students who had stellar attendance records last school year and explaining the exciting incentives for attendance this school year.

Students who had 97-98% attendance and fewer than 5 latenesses for the 2018-2019 school year were called to the stage and honored. They get to further celebrate with a special trip to Gulliver’s Gate, a world of miniatures in Times Square. Exciting! Students who had 99-100% attendance last school year came to the stage next for the biggest honors. They will be going to Madison Square Garden for a Knicks game — including former 5th graders who graduated last year. What a treat!

For the coming year, students will receive individual recognition: 

  • 100% attendance = platinum certificate and a pick from the gift basket
  • No absences and 1 late =  gold certificate and a pick from the gift basket
  • 1 absence and no lates = silver certificate
  • 1 absence and 1 late = bronze certificate

All students who meet these goals will have their photo added to the attendance wall!

Classes also have the chance to win prizes: 

  • 100% weekly attendance for the class gets a shoutout on the Friday afternoon announcements
  • 100% and three or fewer absences a week earns a class an “Attend to Ascend” class certificate to post outside their classroom door
  • After 3 months the classes with the best attendance will be rewarded with a pizza party!

All classes will have their class data will be recorded and displayed on the attendance wall.

Whole grades will also be rewarded: 

  • At the end of the year the grade with the best attendance will celebrate by attending The Cirque du Soleil at Madison Square Garden

Grade data will also be recorded and displayed on the attendance wall.

Two of the honorees for near perfect attendance last school year, 5th graders Matthew and Maxwell, are happy to explain their secret to attendance success. Matthew C. says, “I love school because I love learning.” A great reason to be there everyday! Maxwell says he loves going to school because he likes learning and going to the gym. Three cheers for P.E.!

Whatever gets your student going, we look forward to seeing them everyday!





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