Attend to Ascend Student Spotlights

Attend to Ascend, P.S. 307’s new attendance program to help address chronic absenteeism, honors students with stellar attendance with monthly recognition and prizes. This month, let’s meet and celebrate two fourth graders who had perfect attendance last year: Javon and Ethan.

Javon, why do you enjoy going to school?  I love school because I like math. It’s fun because I like to add and subtract. I’m not good at it, but it’s fun. I also like reading books, like the Magic Tree House is one of my favorites. I like reading at the library. It has a lot of books

What else motivates you to go to school everyday? I like social studies because we get to watch fun videos. I also like science because I get to mix and build things.




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Ethan, why do you enjoy going to school? I like to come to school everyday because I like to learn every day and to have friends. My favorite subjects are math and writing. I like math because I like calculating stuff, and I really like writing because I like writing about stories. I’m almost done with my second draft of realistic fiction story!

What else motivates you to go to school everyday? I like attending the specialist programs like the arts, the gym, and learning Spanish. Also one of my best friends, Erin, is in my grade and we have been at P.S. 307 since kindergarten.

Congratulations to both Javon and Ethan for the their outstanding attendance records!


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