A Message from Principal Carroll

Dear P.S. 307 Community:

I hope that everyone is well. I am officially back in the school building and I’ll admit that it feels a little weird. Under normal circumstances, there would be more movement with teachers coming in to plan and some even beginning to set up their classrooms. My scope of work right now would look very different. But, nothing is normal and it is clear that acceptance of change is the new norm. For several months now, we have been dropped into what seems like an upside down world (thank you to the parent who shared this spot-on expression.)  Many of us had to unlearn things that no longer served us well and learn a new way, all while searching for a way. It is no wonder that many of us during this pandemic did a lot of reflecting and made some big decisions during a time of great change.

Two of the changes you may not be aware of yet, involve staffing. Ms. Williams will be assuming a teaching position at P.S. 46, not far from our school. I know that this was not a straightforward decision for Ms. Williams, as she has invested many years at 307 and has played a key role in the school’s transition to a Magnet school for STEM studies. Ms. Williams worked hard at bringing the STEM experience to all of our students as well as our families. She did a lot of work in engaging families through volunteer work and helped our school secure necessary funding through various grants that have kept our STEM program alive and running. With 15 years of dedicated service to 307, I wish her many new and exciting professional experiences.

Mr. Crosland has worked as a Parent Coordinator at 307 for over 18 years and has now decided to retire from the Department of Education. Mr. Crosland has been a strong support for so many of our families. He worked extraordinarily hard at ensuring that 307 was a safe haven for students and staff. His departure will leave a hole for many. I wish him a wonderful 2nd leg of his journey and all the best. 

The transitioning of staff is always hard to swallow, particularly at a time when there is so much already changing around us, but I do have some words of comfort. During these last couple of months, I have seen individuals step up in incredible ways. Our school community is rich with individuals who have various degrees of expertise and talents – who have willingly embraced and taken on roles that they might not have under normal circumstances. It has been a fantastic thing to see that there is indeed a leader in everyone.  As we continue to move into uncharted waters, I take enormous comfort in this knowledge, while ensuring that everyone’s leadership is cultivated.

I also want to introduce you to a new member of our community, Ms. Zeau Parker. Zeau comes to us from P.S. 133. She has been a teacher of special education for several years and has most recently been working closely with Principal Foster-Mann from P.S.133, as a leader apprentice. Zeau, pronounced Zaya, has a passion for science, coaching educators and working with school communities to address educational inequities. She joins us as an Instructional Coordinator, supporting staff, students, and our families as we engage in this totally new way of school. 

With so many changes, including Mr. Mulhall moving to Massachusetts, and Ms. Schoen retiring after 25 years of service, you would think some unease would exist. While that may be true, P.S. 307 has always proven strong and resilient and always refocuses on what is most important – the students. Never before, have I believed so strongly in the power of change as a necessary component of progress. Hard; uncomfortable at times, but always better in the end. That has been the last 6 months for me. 🙂

Lastly, I know that many of you want to know who your child’s teacher will be. As a parent, I completely understand why this is important to you. Please know that we continue to get updates from families about learning preferences which has forced us to have to make changes. The last thing we want to do is inform you, only to change it before the start of the school year. We do however, understand the frustration that it brings. I expect that we will be able to confirm your child’s teacher before the end of this week.

Thank you to all who have reached out, offered a hand during this time and continued to advocate for our students and community. It is greatly appreciated. Please visit our website in the coming days. We will be increasing posts as we approach September 10th. There will be an important message regarding our use of a new communication platform and it will be critical that every family is registered. Stay tuned. 

Have a great rest of the day, and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Principal Carroll


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