A look inside the new MakerSpace at PS 307

The MakerSpace at P.S. 307 provides our students with a collaborative lab where students can create, think, share and grow using an assortment of materials and technologies. Our MakerSpace is outfitted with 5 3D printers, 10 Mac laptops, and an assortment of tools and materials. Students use these resources to complete Design Challenges that are guided by the Engineering Design Process. The EDP are steps to organize the thinking of our little engineers and to guide their planning when attempting to solve a problem or complete a design challenge .
The EDP consists of 6 steps:
1- ASK- What is the problem?
2- IMAGINE- Brainstorm ideas on how to go about solving the problem
3- PLAN- Describe the steps or create a “blueprint” of what the prototype will look like
4- CREATE- Construct the prototype
5- TEST- Test the prototype to see if the answer was solved or the challenge was met
6- IMPROVE- If the prototype did not meet the challenge, go back to your plan or design to see how you can improve it and then test again.
There are on-going improvements to the P.S. 307 MakerSpace and the funds received from last year’s DUMBO Drop will go towards the purchase of a laser cutter, coding kits, Makey-Makeys. As well as more, no-tech tools, such as Legos, Play-dough, and Magna-Tiles.

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