December message from the principal

Dear P.S. 307 Families and Friends:
Happy December! I love this time of the school year. The choir can be heard practicing for the Winter Concert, Student Government has been established, and students are working on their academic and social goals set prior to the Student-Led Conferences.

I was very impressed by the Student-Led Conferences held on November 15th . The preparation and articulation of learning by students was phenomenal. Since we began the Student-Led Conferences four years ago, we have seen tremendous growth in students’ commitment to their own learning and their pride in sharing it with their parents. These meetings also allow students and parents to continue the conversations about students’ academic and social goals at home.

Meanwhile, the Class parents met on November 28th . It was exciting to hear from families about all the ways you want to support your classroom teachers. I had the opportunity to share these ideas with Grade Leaders and we are looking forward to getting the most out of these partnerships. Families want to support and teachers appreciate the support. Students love to see their families involved. It’s a win win! We will be meeting monthly so feel free to join us, even if you are not an official Class Parent. An invitation will be sent out next week.

This month’s community focus is Gratitude. Our Community Meeting was held last Friday and we learned about the importance of being thankful.

I would like to thank you for your support. The feedback, good or bad, is always welcome and helps us get better. Enjoy your holiday with family and friends. May 2019 bring good health, peace, and joy to all.

Stephanie Carroll


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