June message from the principal

Dear P.S. 307 Families and Friends:

I hope that everyone is staying cool these days. The month of June is flying by and as busy as it is, we have had many things to celebrate. We have staff members who have graduated, receiving additional degrees in education and leadership demonstrating that we value life-long learning. Our Pre-K and K students are participating in their Stepping-Up ceremonies on Friday and our
seniors will be graduating on Thursday.

We have celebrated our students for their ability to work with one another to conduct research and study the history of manufacturing and industry of Empire Stores. Through our partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society, students created a book titled, Empire Stores: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which was unveiled last Thursday at BHS. We look forward to sharing the book with the community and placing a copy of it in a special place in our new library.

Speaking of the library, on June 13th, the school officially dedicated the new library and cut the ribbon in honor and in memory of former parent, community supporter and proponent of families, LaToya Stephens-King. I did not personally know Ms. Stephens-King, but the reaction from family and friends in attendance, spoke volumes about who she was as a person and her many contributions to our community. My predecessor, Ms. Roberta Davenport, shared touching stories about LaToya Stephens-King that illustrated her commitment to advocating for resources and supports that empower families and help a community thrive. In fact, there were many staff members and families echoing stories about her direct impact on the community. I was happy to be a witness to this and I am dedicated to ensuring that our library/digital media center be a continued resource for families.

Two weeks ago we cheered for our girls who ran a Girls on the Run 3K on Roosevelt Island. Every single one of them made it to the finish line, each receiving a medal. They not only ran with Coach/Ms. Setzer, who was inspirational, but they ran with siblings and parents. Coach Purdy, our families and myself beamed with pride as we met them at the finish line.

On June 12th, The Public Good, in partnership with Teachers College hosted a special meeting to engage families and staff in a dialogue around building One Beloved Community. The facilitator, Charlyn Henderson, was dynamic, warm, and engaging. It was a great opportunity to build relationships between families and between staff and families in a true spirit of collaboration. We engaged in fun activities and shared our common hopes and dreams for our children.

On June 7th, Chancellor’s Day, the staff came together to celebrate and reflect on our many accomplishments, and using our successes to plan for next year, we were able to get a lot of work done. Because I believe that everything in education begins and ends with children, we shared, with teachers, direct quotes from students about each of their teachers. It was all positive, humorous, honest and a deep reminder of why we come to work every day. It cannot be overstated enough that the work of education is complex, hard and undergoing rapid changes with each passing day. As we come to the end of another school year, we as a school community are learning that our biggest critics are our students. Their voice matters and every day they force us to challenge our ideas about what is best for them. They are your children and you have entrusted us with their education. On behalf of the entire P.S. 307 staff, thank you for that. We
will continue to aspire to ensure that our students are academically and emotionally prepared for a future that will require leadership, innovation, and a commitment to justice and equity.

Please reach out to me whenever the urge hits. I will be in the building for much of the summer and taking my daughter to her first year of college in August. Very bittersweet. You will hear from teachers in August as we prepare for the upcoming school year. You will hear from me via Constant Contact throughout the summer. Have a great summer and, as always, thank you for your continued support.


Stephanie Carroll


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