3K for Autism Acceptance

3K for Autism Acceptance

The ASD Horizon program will be participating in a walk in honor and acceptance of Autism Acceptance Friday, April 27th.

Please show your support by donating to the cause and joining them on their walk if you can. We will meet at 9:30am in the auditorium and we will depart at 10am.

Autism affects 1 in 68 people. It is defined as a complex neurological disorder that impacts individuals’ social communication, language, and repetitive behavior. There is no known cause or cure for Autism.

April has been Autism Awareness month for nearly a quarter of a century. This is a time not only to promote awareness, but acceptance, recognition and inclusion of people both big and small with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We will walk to raise funds for the ASD Horizon Program at P.S. 307 and Dock Street School.

Email Elizabeth Figueroa if you have any questions:     EFigueroa6@schools.nyc.gov

Be a part of the cause by donating at:


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